Anubis Arc


Advanced E5 based special weapon


Anti capitol ship Anti Stargate

Power source:

Requires a high yield energy source, such as the Eyes of the Goa'uld or Naquadria.




Highly kironized E5 encased plasma discharge


Unknown race, Zeus, Anubis.


Technical specificationsEdit

This arc weapon is a highly advanced and powerful weapon, the origens of which are currently unknown. It relies on kiron interactions and attraction capabilities. The energy frequencies of the shields on your average Ha'tak class vessel are attractive to the arc, like magnets. At the same time, the technology of the arc weapon allows for the shield of a target to be turned into a weapon. A Tau'ri microwave oven works by vibrating water molecules in food, the arc is able to vibrate the E5 bonds of an advanced shield and to a certain extent a hull built out of E5 material in order to disrupt the very bonds of the shield and turn it into a destructive energy burst. The hull is also weakened, making it even more vulnerable to the shield energy. Although not always the case, the arc has been seen to cause a fission reaction in naquadah including the naquadah that makes up the Stargates by disrupting the kironic based atomic bonds.