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Distance from Earth



G-type main sequence star






~24 hours


1.005 g


Europeans (primarily), Tau'ri, Alien Humans.


8 Million




The planet Antalon was found in 2007. It was the first and only planet with deposits of Neutronium, giving it untold value. Since then, the Tau'ri have been mining the deposits of Neutronium and Antalon has grown to a major city.


Antalon has two large continents, Zeus and Europa. Currently the Southern Continent, Zeus, is being colonized. Antalon resides in the Goldilocks zone around its star, but is several degrees colder than Earth. As a result, it has substantial deposits of ice, and only a narrow semi-tropical region. The Zeus continent resides mostly in a warm, inhabitable zone, with acceptable temperature ranges. Europa is half-covered in thick layers in ice, similar to Antarctica on Earth. It gradually turns from ice-covered to mostly taiga.

Antalon CityEdit

Antalon City is located on Zeus, next to a large crater. Although erosion has made the crater shallow, it is over 100 miles wide and has one of the highest concentrations of accessible Neutronium on Antalon. The crater features a large central lake, and plenty of vegetation making it a lush paradise. Because of the large amounts of wood as a byproduct of strip mining Neutronium, the city has mostly wooden houses. While it is mostly sub-urban in nature, the area around the Stargate is growing far more urban, the first high-rise buildings already standing tall. The City is slowly growing around the crater edge.

Due to it's immense strategic importance, Antalon has some of the most powerful defenses ever seen on a human colony. Seven Asgard shield generators protect the city from orbital bombardment, with plenty of missile launch sites, a number of Weapons Satellites and over two dozen advanced weapons emplacements. Most defensive technology was taken straight from Tau'ri warships, unlike some of the more Goa'uld inspired defenses on other worlds.

Although security is tight around Antalon, once on the planet there is ample freedom. While the Neutronium deposits and city are well-guarded, the rest of the planet is not, and many have gone out to settle the surrounding lands. Smuggling is another problem, as many humans and aliens are willing to pay in order to get into Antalon. Stopping cloaked-Tel'tak is a daily task of Antalon orbital command.